A downloadable PiratePlanting Mission for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In a far future, Captain Rakehand lost his home. Now he is travelling with his spaceship through the universe, searching for a new home. He invented some powerful plants to generate oxygen, a full working engine and some other helpful plants to stay alive. As every good gardener Rakehand also has to take care for his plants, to make sure he himself can stay alive and find finally a new home. 

Make sure to manage your ships ressources well to stay alive !

###DISCLAIMER: This Game is still under development###

A Game by:

  • Max Lange - Godot Guru
  • Henrik Tallen - Godot Idiot
  • Sebastian Granzow - 3D-Assets
  • Tom Thiede - 3D-Assets
  • Hector Jotta - Musik & Sound


Planetary Pirate Planters [WIN] 124 MB
Planetary Pirate Planters [LINUX] 129 MB
Planetary Pirate Planters [MAC] 57 MB


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Great visuals and fun gameplay! Love the pirate and his walkcycle! 

Thank you very much! We had really good 3D-Model creators in our Team.